Up to Andersonville to visit the Bongo Room

The Bongo Room on Urbanspoon

A couple of weeks back, I joined some good friends for brunch at the Bongo Room’s new location in Andersonville, which opened this spring. If you have been to their Wicker Park / Bucktown location or the one in the South Loop, the new spot has a much different vibe. It’s sleek and lengthy. When you walk in it appears to be quiet small (6 tables), but as you stroll by you see the open bistro style kitchen and a back room and patio teeming with satisfied patrons; which still maintains the intimate setting. Despite coming before they had their liquor license and being tempted by the yummy cocktails on the menu, I think this place is definitely worth checking out for brunch. But beware, they don’t take reservations, so if you don’t want to hear your stomach grumble while waiting in line, don’t hit snooze too many times before rolling out of bed to come here… and yes, some derivation of PJs or weekend lounge wear seems perfectly acceptable attire here.

Before being sat, my eye glazed over at the portions. They are huge, truly think both breakfast and lunch for your meal. As we were sat, it was clear that our waitress was happy to there, even on a Sunday with the hung-over clientele and was really excited about food, which is always a plus for me.

I would have loved a chai as a 2nd choice, knowing that my 1st hair of the dog option wasn’t available; however they don’t serve chai either. That being said – I had a really nice cup of tea that smelled like an Almond Joy, I don’t remember the name, but if you mention an almond tea I sure they will know what you are talking about.

On to the Food I sampled:

  • Raspberry Oreo pancakes, not my usual choice, but they were beautiful, and truly sinful, be careful of a sugar over-dose if attempting to clean your plate.
  • A goat cheese, artichoke heart and red pepper omelet that was on special – one word yum! You can’t go wrong with those ingredients.
  • Red Velvet Pancakes with a walnut butter cream frosting… yeah pretty sure that’s like eating 4 scrumptious cupcakes for breakfast.  I would probably take these over the Oreo pancakes.
  • For my actual breakfast (which I also shared, just so you don’t think I am a huge pig, just a moderate one) I had a chorizo omelet with guacamole, Monterey jack, tomatoes, onions and crispy house potatoes, with the right amount of spice.

Though not yet open when I was there, there was a lovely patio in the back, that I am sure will be well utilized soon, perhaps a great reason to head back.


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