Making the most of the farmer’s market season – Zucchini Blossoms

Zucchini BlossomsZucchini Blossoms

There are few things I am not willing to try when dining out and so I am trying to take that same approach for my cooking. So last Saturday, I set of to the Green City Farmer’s Market (off of Division and Clark) to take advantage of all the meats, breads, fruits and veggies from the plethora of farmers throughout Illinois, Michigan and Wisconsin.

I didn’t have a recipe or plan in mind, I just wanted to see what sparked my interest once there and of course what wasn’t already picked over as I took my sweet time getting out of bed prior to going. I usually like to meander through the marketing with Dillon and Brian checking out all the vendors before deciding where and what to buy.

This Saturday we filled our bags with a mushroom medley (shitake, oyster, crimini and portobella) garlic on steroids from the mushroom vendor, which is almost double the size of your typical clove, with an extremely pungent aroma. The growers mentioned they grow the garlic in the same soil as the mushrooms. We also picked up some Wisconsin cheese smoked with bacon, purple, yellow and red grape tomatoes, peppers, zucchini blossoms and some fresh peaches and blueberry for dessert.

The zucchini blossoms were a new item for us. They are literally the flowers from the zucchini. I heard they can be delicious so we purchased them, though a little hesitant on how to cook them and if we could really make something delicious with them. At home I searched recipes with for the blossoms and really only found fried options. So I made up my own recipe.

I set the oven to broil. Made some quinoa with cayenne pepper, salt and rosemary. Sautéed some oyster mushrooms and peppers with that amazing garlic, shredded the cheese and browned some whole wheat panko and then mixed everything together. I then gently opened the zucchini blossoms cleaned them out with water and stuffed them with the mixture, twisting the top a little to close them. I them broiled them for 20-25 minutes with some olive oil and grey salt on top, taking them out when they looked kind of crispy and brown.

One word … fantastic! I can’t even explain the flavor but it was really, really delicious and so unique. It didn’t have any floral taste; it was a savory crispy shell for the mixture. For those of you who might also be a little nervous cooking with zucchini blossoms, don’t be. It was very easy and so yummy.


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