Gluttony at Little Goat

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I’ll be honest; I had a few date nights planned at Little Goat before I actually ended up trying it out. I was eager to go but friends in the industry highly recommended waiting as “they didn’t have their shit together”. Through hearsay, I was told they didn’t do any dry runs before opening to the public, they insisted they were professionals, they had done this before. Well… in my mind, if you are really a professional then you know a dry run is just good business. I, of course, didn’t want to go there knowing that I would have a bad experience, and followed suit in waiting till they got their shit together.

At 6 weeks, we felt we had waited long enough and in anticipation of dinner there, I chose to do my long run on this day (ah yes, side note: I am training for a half marathon and the good news is I can eat more), which delayed my arrival to Little Goat on a Friday night, which was just poor form for a local in the West Loop. To say the least, I was doubtful that arriving at 7pm on a Friday evening would result in eating dinner at a reasonable hour. To my surprise, the wait was a mere 40 minutes, which allowed enough time for us to check out Sushi Dokku, a new sushi restaurant just across the street that a foodie neighbor recommended. After a taste there, I am certain it will get its own front and center post soon. But I digress…

Despite getting a text when our table was ready and the hosts using an Ipad to manage the wait, Little Goat looks like your typical 50s diner. Boring dining ware, glass ketchup and mustard bottles, brown dresses on the female wait staff and straws in the glass containers. Little Goat happens to be next to Au Cheval, a favorite watering hole of mine that also boasts diner-ish qualities. Little Goat  was definitely more like your traditional 24hr diner with better food and definitely radiates “diner” more than the beloved, Au Cheval, which is definitely still a great late night food stop.

We ended up sitting at the counter and had a peek into the kitchen, which was teeming with guys in their 20s serving up crab dip and Ritz, chili cheese fries and various breakfast for dinner entrees. Brian and I took in the scene with some of their specialty cocktails. Worth trying but not out of this world.

I am all about breakfast for dinner and was eager to try the bull’s eye French toast, Brian went the traditional route, how boring.

Bull’s Eye French Toast – Crispy chicken, sweet onion brioche, and bbq maple syrup with a sunny side up egg in the middle. Let’s be honest, it’s hard to go wrong with any derivation of chicken and waffles, with this dish included. It was a fun, delicious and I loved the soft egg in the middle of the French toast.

Sloppy Goat – sloppy joe gone goat, rosemary slaw, squish squash roll. Love the name, but it was nothing special; which is fine, not everything on a “Cheesecake Factory sized menu” is expected to be awesome.

For dessert, it was recommended we try the Smoked pork & toffee crunch shake. I wasn’t scared, or least not scared enough not to try it.  Perhaps it’s the new sweet and salty combo since salted caramel has reached critical mass. It was like pork sprinkles. I’m glad I sampled it and my only “beef”

with the shake wasn’t the pork, it was that the shake was more whip cream than it was ice cream, which is hard to come back from.

Would I go back? Sure. Would I add Little Goat to my shortlist or wait in line for hours, probably not.


One thought on “Gluttony at Little Goat

  1. Kelsey, I couldn’t agree with you more. Certainly not worth the wait, but would go back and eat the nachos if they ever decide that making them with corn chips instead of hand made greasy flour chips makes sense. They were by far my favorite on the menu. I am curious about breakfast there, but each time I have driven on weekends, lines are out the door…..

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