About Kelsey

It wasn’t until moving to Chicago that I became a real foodie – before then I just liked to eat – don’t be fooled, liking to eat and being a foodie are quite different.  When first coming to Chicago it was like an epicurean adventure. Greek town on Monday, little Vietnam on Tuesday and so on. As I started to try more, I started to like more. Today, there is not much I won’t try – any foods I like independently, I will also try together – shitake mushroom gelato, why not. I love sitting down to a good meal with great company, oh and a nice glass (or two) of wine, if the food is local, organic or made/harvested in an environmentally way, all the better.

In addition to loving good food, I also enjoy running, practicing yoga and playing with my yellow lab, Dillon. This of course helps me enjoy more food. When not eating with friends and loved ones you can find me drinking wine, reading a good book or exploring the city.

  1. What is your favorite food?  Today, it’s dark sweet cherries and pumpkin… yum! For meals it’s a toss-up between Gourmet mac and cheese and spinach salad with figs, avocado, cherries, pine nuts and wild salmon
  2. What is your favorite food memory? Discovering a hidden, local 24-hr bakery in Rome, during study abroad. I felt like Charlie and the chocolate factory. It was so beautiful and smelled like heaven.
  3. What food did your mother never let you have that you can’t get enough of now? Sugary cereal
  4. Guilty pleasure? Red wine and mint dark chocolate
  5. What food could you eat every day?  Mix 1 – it’s my healthy breakfast of choice.
  6. Most hated food? Cilantro and too much black pepper
  7. What food are you afraid to cook with? Scallops, especially with the gonads
  8. Favorite snack? Whole grain pretzels with spicy mustard
  9. What is your biggest cooking disaster? Truth be told, this isn’t mine alone, it was a joint effort. I tried making dessert sushi, except I couldn’t find good fruit roll-ups for the wrap, so I just used Nori. The dessert sushi ended up tasting like fish with chocolate, caramel and strawberries, yuck!
  10. What is your favorite meal of the day? depends on the day … usually breakfast on the weekends and dinner during the week.
  11. Which do you prefer: Sweet or Salty? Salty, definitely. Though I am a big fan of the salty, sweet combination
  12. Food you were surprised you actually liked? Brussels Sprout – broiled, with olive oil, balsamic and rock salt

One thought on “About Kelsey

  1. Hey there,

    Great Blog!

    Just happen to stumble across it but if you’ve got a moment an shoot me an email I’d like to chat.


    andrew [at] foodio54 [dot] com

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